K-9 BodyGuard Protection Training Programs For Your Dog

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1. Family Watch Dog – an introductory course for the purpose of training your dog to guard the inside premises of your home.

2. Personal Protection – your dog will be trained to guard and protect you from personal assault. We will train your dog to respond automatically if you are assaulted.

3. Vehicle Protection – your dog will be trained to protect your car, and anyone or anything inside of it. Open window attacks protect against a thief reaching inside to steal something or assault you or someone traveling with you.
[NOTE: This is critical training if you have an infant or children that you regularly travel with in your car.]

4. Attack on Command – for those dogs who show the proper capability we can train them to offensively attack to subdue a threat from one or more perpetrators.

5. Building and Area Search – a more progressive area and building search training for the detection and apprehension of an intruder in hiding.

6. Pursuit Attack on Command – long distance pursuit search and apprehension with the intention to stop and detain a fleeing intruder.

[NOTE: Pursuit Attack on Command is only available to the most capable owners and their dogs. All dogs will be thoroughly evaluated for suitability prior to initiating training.]

Have one of our Expert K-9 BodyGuard Protection Dog Trainers test and train your dog at your home, at your convenience


NOTE: The video below uses clips of us training from the 1980s and 1990s, which will give you an idea of how long we have been training protection dogs.


Take a look at four different clips of training we provide. The first example is one of from dogs we have trained for movie work to display aggression, but not bite in order to be safe around the stars appearing in the films we have worked on with them. The second clip is of a personal protection dog that shows her biting when the owner is attacked, but immediately stops when there is no longer a direct threat, making it safe for families. The third is of an “attack on command” long distance pursuit which shows the dog apprehending the intruder and also the level of control the handler has over their dog. The last video clip will show you what happens when an intruder enters your home and threatens you.

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